Asset Intensive Industries

Get more value from your physical assets, manage your projects and deliver services

Delivering end-to-end SAP 

Enterprises from Asset Intensive industries such as the Utilities, Engineering and contracting/construction sectors, as well as public organisations with large portfolios of assets, face a unique set of business issues.

Soltius has a 15 year track record working with clients in Asset Intensive industries, delivering end-to-end SAP Business All-in-One solutions and SAP Asset Management projects to businesses and enterprises who manage billions of dollars of physical resources – from plants and machinery to land and infrastructure.

In addition to our expertise in SAP Enterprise Asset Management software, we can also deliver end-to-end SAP Business All-in-One solutions tailored to businesses with project-based requirements.

SAP Asset Intensive Industries
Soltius Asset Management Solutions

Our solution has core ERP and all the functionality required to manage and maintain assets, plus:

  • Client and opportunity management- Integrate your business processes to create profitable, long-term client relationships
  • Project service delivery- Create, structure and staff your projects. Execute projects within established timeframes, while managing quality and adherence to contractual agreements
  • Knowledge and resource management- Develop, enhance, structure and store the information and knowledge critical to your success
  • Engagement management- Ensure accurate and timely billing and reduce the need for manual processes and redundant data entry
  • Partner management- Control third-party expenditure
  • Service support- Optimise the delivery of ongoing managed services.


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