5 ways an integrated ERP system shows the health of your business instantly

Wednesday, 16 Nov, 2016   /   Soltius


SAP Business ByDesign is a comprehensive business suite that covers all the core business and operational functions you’d expect of an ERP solution, from finance and supply chain management – through to project management and customer relationship management.

To help you get a better understanding of what this solution can offer your organisation, we’ve put together an overview video which explains the key relevant features of SAP Business ByDesign for C-Suite executives, and other decision-makers.


SAP Business ByDesign is a far simpler and more efficient solution compared to other alternative modular ERP solutions.
Even though it’s one single solution, with SAP Business ByDesign you have the flexibility of selecting only the business functionalities you immediately need.

SAP Business ByDesign provides real-time visibility of the business’ most important performance metrics. It gives you the ability to view data across multiple companies, countries and currencies, and you have the option to drill down further to access a greater depth of information, if required.

The following are 5 important features of the SAP Business ByDesign solution that allows you to truly understand the health of your business:

01/  Access vital information immediately
From the minute you log in, the most important information you need to see as a CEO, CFO, COO or decision maker is right at your fingertips.
Immediately access vital information including notifications based on flexible workflow rules. You can also subscribe to receive these via email.

02/  Review performance against targets
Company decision- makers are most interested in business performance, and as such KPIs can quickly be reviewed on the dashboard, so you can keep an eye on the performance of the business against targets.
At any point you can see revenue targets, and then drill down to see how the business is trending against these targets too.

 Easy reporting information from the dashboard

The relevant reporting is all available from the solution dashboard – so you are able to keep an eye on what is happening with suppliers, customers and new contracts.

04/  Oversee multiple companies from anywhere in the world
A really valuable feature for CEOs who oversee multiple companies or subsidiaries, is the visibility that the Corporate Performance section provides, particularly if your business operates across different countries.
And SAP Business ByDesign comes with built-in analytics and addresses today’s demand for mobility, enabling employees and stakeholders to have visibility of key business functions on the move.

05/  Get all the benefits of the SAP family
With SAP Business ByDesign you get all the benefits of the SAP family too. SAP has applied more than 40 years of enterprise solution experience to this cloud solution, hosted by SAP in state-of-the-art data centres. Clients also have access to 24x7 SAP training, support and online communities – at no additional cost.
Our SAP Business ByDesign video overview is ideal for CEOs, CFOs, COOs and any decision makers who are expecting to take on an ERP changeover in the future.

If you’re ready to see how SAP Business ByDesign can benefit your organisation, check out our video overview today.

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