Enterprise management - a CEO perspective

Wednesday, 14 Dec, 2016   /   Jess Covich

Enterprise management - a CEO perspective

Businesses that are growing are complex. Many run on a mash-up of disparate, legacy databases and technology - and although this is inefficient, at least it keeps things afloat.

However, there comes a time when the pain of legacy systems can no longer be tolerated. Chances are your business will investigate alternate, modern ERP solutions to achieve the efficiencies your growing business needs. But as a CEO, how do you know what to look for in an ERP solution?

In this article, we explore the key aspects of an ERP solution you should evaluate to ensure you, as CEO, have the right view of the business and the right level of detail on which to base business decisions.

Finding the right ERP solution

As a CEO looking to drive growth and performance, finding an ERP system that offers features that provide real-time visibility of your business’s most important performance metrics is key to your success.

So when you’re evaluating ERP solutions, the following features should be available to you: 

  • A customisable CEO dashboard: It’s vital you have access to key performance metrics providing a real-time overview of the business, so KPIs can quickly be reviewed and you can see performance against targets.

  • An overview of financial data and core functions of the business, which is easily accessible from the dashboard. At any point in time you should have visibility of revenue targets and be able to drill down to see how the business is trending against these targets.

  • The ability to manage your notifications so you can prioritise responses and actions.

  • An overview of suppliers, customers and contracts so you’re able to keep an eye on what’s happening, where issues are arising and drill down for the detail if necessary.

  • If your business operates multiple subsidiaries, or across a number of countries and currencies, your ERP should allow you the ability to view all this data from your dashboard and via simple reporting interfaces.

See a great CEO dashboard in action. Watch our overview video of SAP Business ByDesign:


The specific benefits of SAP Business ByDesign for CEOs

With built-in analytics, SAP Business ByDesign gives you one interface for all your important reports and business functions. You’ll no longer have to log in to different systems or drag data from different divisions in the company.

A key advantage of SAP Business ByDesign is that you can roll out the business functionalities you need (such as Finance, Sales, Supply Chain Management) as and when you need them. This makes implementation more manageable for most businesses.

Mobility is an important feature of the SAP Business ByDesign solution - allowing you and your team to have visibility of key business functions on the move.

And with role-based authentication, you control who sees what in SAP Business ByDesign, so that different users can access relevant parts of the solution.

Welcome to the SAP family…

SAP has applied more than 40 years of enterprise solution experience to this cloud solution, hosted by SAP in state-of-the-art data centres. So, as one of our clients, you have access to 24x7 SAP training, support and online communities – at no additional cost.

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