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Wednesday, 18 Jan, 2017   /   Soltius


Growing businesses can suffer from a variety of challenges. Whether it be the speed of growth putting systems and processes under pressure, a lack of reporting clouding the strategic vision of senior management and board, or legacy systems that are simply not suitable anymore, there is a host of risks that can jeopardise a business.

At Soltius we’re equipped to help with these challenges, and we’re ensuring that Kiwi businesses are ready for the future. We offer the very best SAP solutions, support and consulting. We have delivered more SAP ERP projects in this country than anyone else, and were the first in Asia Pacific to be certified as an SAP Centre of Expertise for our support services. We’re also the only SAP partner to achieve Gold status in New Zealand.

Let’s take a look at a few success stories from businesses that have turned to Soltius to get the right foundation for the future.

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The right balance for Ballance Agri-Nutrients

Farming cooperative, Ballance Agri-Nutrients, had a bold vision for the future that involved connecting employees, suppliers, customers, and creating amazing user experiences across all systems.

The solution selected and implemented was SAP S/4HANA, and in June 2016 Ballance proudly became the first New Zealand business to deploy SAP’s next generation ERP. Since then the system has increased productivity and their core business has become 75 per cent faster. They found that management reporting had decreased from two hours to 20 minutes.

CIO, David Scullin, believed that due to real-time data and insight, business has become more intuitive, increased mobility in the field, and enjoyed the benefits of system stability. More importantly, Ballance customers have become more autonomous and productive which is at the heart of their business vision.

“In going live with SAP S/4HANA, we are laying the foundation on which to execute our business strategy. With a digital core in place, we are already realising significant efficiencies across the organisation. We also have the base on which to build our digital future.” David Scullin, CIO.

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In the cloud with Tainui Group Holdings

Tainui Group Holdings Ltd (TGH) had seen strong growth but were cognisant their legacy system wasn’t stable enough to deliver on their long-term strategic vision. Their inflexible modular systems along with pockets of manual processes weren’t scalable and made even the smallest of upgrades a painful and expensive undertaking. Critically, without reporting, the executive team were unable to address the key issues TGH needed to take them into the future.

The Soltius solution for TGH was SAP Business All-in-One™, which gave them the stability they needed and desired. We recommended TGH reduce operating costs by hosting the new ERP solution on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. The agility AWS afforded TGH future-proofed them for the development of newer systems. TGH are now perfectly placed to expand their systems to include on asset field inspections and a greater level of analytics, and that is due largely to the success of their partnership with Soltius.

“For a project of this kind of importance, we needed a safe pair of hands. In this market, SAP and Soltius are that safe pair of hands.” Helaman Tangiora, Tainui Group Holdings Ltd, ICT Manager.

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A new legacy for Chorus

When Chorus parted ways with Telecom in 2011, they were left with an unsuitable legacy system. Even with the pressure of a looming deadline, implementation owner, Mark Ashcroft, saw the opportunity new enterprise resource planning software would offer and all bets were off. A new era for Chorus meant the under-servicing status quo was no longer acceptable —old assumptions had to be challenged.

For Chorus, the solution we offered was the streamlined “out of the box” SAP Business Suite with SAP ERP 6.0. It required a little customisation, but, by keeping it simple it suited their business needs perfectly - there wasn’t any need for the level of customisation which Telecom had to run its more complex business.

“This was also an opportunity to establish new systems which were better suited to our business, which is less complex than that of Spark (formerly Telecom),” explains Mark Ascroft, business owner for implementation at Chorus.

He says Chorus required the new system to run its financials, procurement, projects and payroll as well as assisting to manage its fibre rollout; it engaged with Soltius, which worked with SAP and an internal Chorus project team, to design a roadmap for the implementation of the new solution, and then perform that implementation.

Ascroft comments that the long-term benefit for Chorus has been a smooth, stable system that allows them to focus on their strategic growth rather than reactive management of system issues.

“Since the implementation, we’ve never had business operations interrupted because of issues with the ERP system. We just don’t give the system a second thought because it just works and has been robust since day one.”

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New Zealand’s most trusted SAP provider

Soltius is New Zealand’s largest and most trusted SAP provider with a range of products and services for growing businesses. These examples are just a few of the businesses that have turned to Soltius for stable, quality systems and a team committed to seeing your business succeed.

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