How SAP Business ByDesign can help COOs stay on top of their game

Friday, 9 Dec, 2016   /   Soltius


The role of COO or project manager is one that keeps you constantly busy. You know everything there is to know about business operations and, through that learning process, you may have become conscious that the systems and processes already in place have some limitations. This is natural - as businesses grow, demands and pressures increase and outdated systems struggle to keep up.

But isn’t it time to find a better way?

You need a cost-effective ERP solution that meets the demands of the business, reduces errors and delays, and factors in the key requirements of a COO.


SAP Business ByDesign could be just what you need.

SAP Business ByDesign has fantastic features, such as its all-inclusive mobile applications.

The Project Cockpit mobile application is specifically created with project managers and COOs in mind. It’s designed to simplify life for project managers by providing access to project related data in real-time, allowing you to see how projects are performing using any mobile device, while you’re on the go.

Get project overviews in the Cockpit, and check daily resource availabilities, who’s on the job and who’s not, create jobs on the spot and assign people to those tasks, review progress, access documents, check customer information and so much more.

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