Case Study: Taking HR Processes on the Street with SAP Fiori for HCM

Tuesday, 14 Aug, 2018   /   Soltius


Keeping tabs on all employees is very complex when you provide a crucial Public Service, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. With 12,000 staff across New Zealand operating in high stake scenarios and facing risky situations, building a high-performance culture and keeping people safe is paramount.

Expectations from central government and the public about quality of service improvements drives this organisation to continuously innovate and deliver results more efficiently. Our client needed to implement an enterprise wide Human Resource (HR) solution complete with business processes that:

  • Supports changing organisational requirements, including but not limited to growing user demands and expectations for digital experience.
  • Supports mobility, enabling personnel to perform core HR processes regardless of their place of work.
  • Is sustainable and cost effective in the long-term.
  • Provides a single source of truth that delivers reliable people information to enable effective decision making.


The client’s legacy HR systems didn’t reflect modern User Experience (UX) standards, including; how staff want to work, or where. The lack of mobile capability resulted in data not being up-to-date or real-time to enable a single source of truth for HR decision making.

Personnel were spending unnecessary time at their desks filling in leave, time sheets and doing other personal administration, as opposed to being out in the field where they’re needed the most.


The experienced SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) team at Soltius proposed a combined solution of SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors and Kronos, all integrated in near  real time with SAP FIORI to support employees accessing and managing their own HR data where and whenever they need to.

SAP HCM platform supports and maintains the logic and repository for HR data, SAP HTML5 is the specialists display providing the modern look & feel for the end user and SAP FIORI completes the picture by providing the self-service functionality for an intuitive user interface agnostically across desktop and mobile devices. SAP SuccessFactors, an integrated cloud software solution delivered as a service, adds complimentary functionality extensions in the areas of Learning Management, Recruitment and Onboarding. Kronos provides the specialist area of workforce deployment and scheduling.

Our client wanted a solution for a critical self-service process that combined Kronos and SAP work schedule data, so an interactive “where are people at” calendar became a key requirement. Following an agile implementation methodology, our consultants held interactive design sessions and built prototypes for the client to see and touch. Soltius built a staged data environment to cater for the complex data scenarios that needed construction to test and verify deployment procedures.

A robust approach to delivery, Soltius’ understanding of the client's needs and pain points; and being one of the only SAP Providers in New Zealand with a dedicated SAP HCM team, were the key reasons we were chosen to lead the development and implementation of this solution.

With the crucial addition of SAP FIORI UX, employees can now quickly view their daily work schedules, location and assignment, as well as their team members and line manager. This solution complimented the other Standard FIORI applications delivered to easily view time sheets, team calendars and wellness risks along with leave requests, balances and pay slips on their mobile device out in the field. Managers can now approve leave requests and time sheets outside the office, without the need to return to their desktop.


This enterprise wide HR solution enables employees and managers to spend less time behind a desk and more time out in their communities delivering a more responsive public service. They can perform key HR tasks without the need for paper forms.

The key outcomes for this client include;

  • Improved decision-making through better, faster access to correct, real-time
  • Better matching of human resources to demand.
  • Frontline staff are more mobile and visible.
  • Reduction in paper trail and no duplication of effort with manual data entry.
  • Better digital UX means staff are engaged in HR processes.

The mobility program and related HR technologies resulted in efficiency gains for our client which have been fully absorbed in responding to increasing public demand. This project has also provided a platform for our client to deploy more innovative processes and apps to their employees in the future, keeping them connected, informed and safer while servicing our communities.

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