IoT, Machine Learning & AI

SAP Leonardo is the digital innovation system from SAP, bringing new technologies, software and microservices together to help businesses power their digital transformation and leverage future-facing technologies such as Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Analytics and Big Data.

This powerful portfolio enables businesses to rapidly innovate, scale new models, and continually redefine the business. SAP Leonardo works seamlessly with SAP applications on SAP Ariba to SAP S/4HANA, making them more powerful, intelligent, and capable - intelligently connecting people, things and businesses.
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SAP Leonardo capabilities include:

Internet of Things (IoT)
Connect things with people and processes
  • Connected products, assets and fleets to drive industrial IoT
  • Connected infrastructures, markets, and people to enable the Internet of Everything

Machine Learning
Intelligence enabled by learnings from data

  • Intelligence embedded into enterprise applications
  • Integrated intelligence to solve common business challenges
  • Train and deploy deep learning models

Insight that enables transformative actions

  • All analytics across your business
  • Embedded machine learning
  • New processes and applications based on insights

Big Data
Manage vast amounts of big data

  • Distributed storage and computing
  • Real-time insight discovery
  • Insights embedded into business processes

Blockchain services embedded into business applications

  • Increased trust in peer-to-peer transactions
  • Full visibility of goods provenance and history of ownership
  • Increased auditability and decreased fraud

SAP Cloud Platform
Foundation for SAP Leonardo
  • Common foundation across applications and technology
  • In-memory, real-time data management
  • Integrates things, people and processes

Data Intelligence
Put data into business context
  • Trusted, real-time benchmarks
  • Decision-making scenarios
  • Data asset monetisation