SAP Business ByDesign

With SAP Business ByDesign, growing mid size businesses can get all the power of an integrated, end-to-end SAP solution, but now with the flexibility, ease of use and lower cost of the Cloud.

Want to find out if SAP Business ByDesign is right for your growing mid-size company?

Built from the ground up to run in the Cloud, ByDesign is a complete suite comprising project management, manufacturing, supply chain management, customer relationships management, financials and management reporting, but as a flexible, extensible on demand solution so you can focus on your business and not on IT.


Industry solutions

In addition to the comprehensive ERP suite, which is seamlessly integrated as part of the core solution - from CRM to Procurement and Financial Management - and is relevant to growing businesses in every sector, SAP Business ByDesign has standard functionality and business scenarios that make it a strong fit for the specialised requirements of the following industries.

Wholesale Distribution

Successful wholesale distributors focus on three key requirements: improving supply chain and operational visibility; protecting against shrinking margins; and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. ByDesign meets those requirements in a single, tightly integrated package with:

  • Sales and Distribution; Procurement; Warehousing.

Professional services

Successful professional services firms focus on these key requirements: Improving project visibility; innovating service delivery; and differentiating through client value. SAP Business ByDesign delivers the following to meet these needs:

  • Business Development; Delivery and Billing; Project Lifecycle; Cash and Liquidity.


SAP Business ByDesign is a best fit for fast-growing make-to-stock manufacturers that don’t want to build a large, expensive IT backbone and delivers the following functionality:

  • Sales and Distribution; Demand Planning, Procurement; Manufacturing including MRP and Batch Management; Customer and Field Service; Financial Management.

Addressing the needs of subsidiaries of large enterprises

SAP Business ByDesign is also well suited to subsidiaries that require integration to their headquarters’ core SAP systems. The integration of master data, financial consolidation and end-to-end scenarios is built right into the ByDesign solution, so that the time-to-value of an SAP rollout to subsidiaries is measured in weeks rather than onths.