SAP BusinessObjects Business Analytics

Discover and share insights for better decision-making

Information is power, but only if you can make sense of it.

Business people today have more data available to aid in their decision making than at any other time in human history. But turning this information into actionable insights requires powerful analytics, as well as easy to consume visualisation tools and Google-like search and navigation capabilities.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Analytics solutions provide the full spectrum of business intelligence functionality, empowering business users with solid data and analysis to make informed decisions in a fast changing environment.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Analytics empowering business users
SAP BusinessObjects Business Analytics Flexible Packages

 Flexible packages

Soltius sells and implements packages to meet any organisation’s requirements while offering them the flexibility to extend their solution as their needs change, including:

Predictive Analytics
Incorporate predictive results into applications and processes for optimal business outcomes and predict and act in real time instead of relying on scheduled updates.

Dashboards and Visualisation
Transform information into sophisticated visual representations of processes and performance. Perform what-if analysis, create interactive analytics and dashboards with simple point and click functionality to view high level business KPI’s and drill down to see the detail in real time with live, secure connections to company data.

Query, reporting and analysis
Using SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence to provide both self-service access to data and intuitive analysis, users can quickly and easily create queries, format the results and analyse the information to identify trends and root causes.

Search and navigation
Users get instant answers to business questions with simple keyword search functionality and the ability to explore the data directly, while leveraging the SAP BusinessObject platform’s universe metadata security and administration services.


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