SAP Testing

Introducing New Zealand's first SAP specialist Testing practice

IT projects frequently fail. Depending on which academic study you read, the failure rate of large projects is reported as being 50%-80%. This high failure rate occurs because we fail to recognise that good engineering principles need to be applied to IT projects, just as they are applied to a building construction.

If all stakeholders keep in mind that developing software is much like building a bridge, then many problems encountered can be avoided. Before building a bridge, an architect draws up detailed plans, builds models and makes blueprints, which are carefully and repeatedly reviewed. During construction, each step is tested and inspected. Without proper testing, all prior hard work is put at risk.

SAP Testing
SAP Testing

In IT projects, there are four factors that contribute to success:

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Time
  • Risk

The two most important factors are risk and quality. The system must work and meet user requirements. This leaves time and cost to be adjusted accordingly.

At Soltius, we have the required domain knowledge to effectively communicate with your users and we understand your business needs. Our consultants are experts in SAP and all related testing techniques, with focus on quality throughout. Using our innovative and reframed approach to testing, we will provide assurance, risk-mitigation and expert advice that will deliver stable SAP solutions.


Our testing business line is like no other in New Zealand. In fact, we are taking testing to the next level, with New Zealand’s first testing service, focused solely on SAP and its peripherals. With our deep knowledge of SAP and our customer-centric approach, we will work with you to optimise your testing process and create reusable artefacts.

By viewing testing at the heart of every project, we commit to delivering outstanding customer experience and tangible Return on investment.

SAP Testing
SAP Testing

Orah Peri

With a proven track record in successful delivery of testing assignments and complex system implementation projects spanning over 20 years, Orah has successfully delivered quality products to the market having managed testing in multiple locations around the world.

Orah has a breadth of experience across different industries including: Retail, Telecommunication, Finance, Military products, Avionics, and Medical Devices. Orah is passionate about testing and helping clients to improve user experience.